This week I had the delightful opportunity to take some photos for Constellation Cat Cafe.

Constellation Cat Cafe is a small business here in (East) Lansing that serves up delicious drinks while also creating a safe environment for people to discover the joy of pet ownership through education, inclusive events, and outreach. The cafe supports local animal rescue shelters in capacity building and finding homes for adoptable cats.

As someone with two furry children of her own, I've become more aware of and invested in the critical role that local animal shelters, rescues, and businesses play in seeing to the well-being of animals and educating those who want to be better animal caretakers. I'm thankful for places like Constellation Cat Cafe that are on a mission to make the world a better place through animal education and caretaking.

As I've continued to look for opportunities to expand and practice my skills as a photographer, I've really felt compelled to reach out to small local businesses that are doing good work and seeing if I can serve them through my photography. Growing up in Asheville, I'll admit that I always took small businesses for granted because they were the status quo around me. But after moving to Michigan, I realised how special Asheville was in its rich and vibrant local community and how other places struggled to come close. I've come to realise how difficult it is for cities to create a culture of supporting local business and putting your dollar where your heart is. So I'm humbled and grateful that I can do something to contribute to the flourishing of a local businesses and the community it helps to create.