A true happenstance of serendipity, I found myself sitting at Blue Owl Coffee one Sunday morning and noticed a beautiful little floral pop-up shop in the corner. I'm not a very bold person, so I was quite shy, but I took a few photos of the woman and her flowers while I waited for a friend. After rushing home to see how the photos turned out, I was delighted and fell in love with the "aesthetic" of the photos (as a photographer, I never know when or how to use "aesthetic any more, haha). I reached out to Blue Owl to ask who the florist was and was able to locate her on Instagram. I sent her the photos and she, too, was delighted, asking me if I'd be willing to take more photos of her the next day during her Valentine's pop-up in exchange for my choice of flowers. I, of course, said yes, and the rest is gorgeous, dreamy floral history.

Remember to support your local businesses! :)